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Linda Stark(non-registered)
Looking forward to seeing your Ireland pictures! I know it is too soon to expect you to have them on your web page already. I have looked at some of your other pictures, and they are fantastic. You are an amazing photographer! It was so nice meeting you on our wonderful Ireland trip!!
Francie, I adore your photo array. As stated by others I hope to see more in the near future they are perfect and your trip pictures make me want to go. Thank you for sharing, you are as great as a professional as any professional photographer.
Joe Peresich(non-registered)
Hi Ms Francie - I happy to have discovered your website and very much enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos. I am looking forward to visiting again and seeing more.
April D. Penton(non-registered)
I love your photographs! They are all so varied and amazing. I spent far more time than I had intended- I started looking at them and could not stop!
Annie Guthrie(non-registered)
You continue to surprise me with your wonderful is obvious you love your work and your subjects...
Vicki Herlovich(non-registered)
What a delight to find this website (thanks to Barb B.). I had no idea you are such a gifted photographer. I hope all is well with you and yours.
Sherry Dans(non-registered)
Hi Francie! So good to hear from you! Your images are outstandingly beautiful! I will check back often to see what's new for you!
such a good eye for astounding detail! will there be orange blossoms in your future??
Eileen Prefontaine(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!
I love your picture gallery....your photos are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to post some of my pics for you to see. Hopefully I'll have time sometime soon.
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