I am retired after 35 years with the State of Florida, primarily in the computer field with Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. My husband and I enjoy feeding birds and raising butterflies in our yard, which we have developed into a nature sanctuary. I also am privileged to volunteer with a wonderful group of folks at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.

Photography is how I explore my world. I see multiple dimensions in infinite layers of light. I call my work Sacred Eye Studio - Images of Everyday Grace, as I believe each moment is filled with a sacred grace that is knowable through an enlightened inner eye. Combining the art and craft of photography with the possibilities for expression via the digital darkroom is fascinating, and offers unlimited potential for creativity and growth.  I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to continue to develop as a photographer.

I am now fortunate to have the time to pursue my passion -- to create images that hold deep meaning for me. I hope these images will also resonate with visitors to my website. I will continually be adding new photos, so please visit often!